Friday, October 8, 2010

Geodatabases and AutoCAD Map 3D

In the continued search for integration an exciting anouncement from Autodesk was just released. Imagine using the power of AutoCAD for your engineering and project designs coupled with the information stored in an ESRI geodatabase. I know, your thinking when is the alarm going to go off and wake you up ... right. Well recently Autodesk has released FDO providers that support the read and write capabilities for personal, folder and Enterprise/ArcSDE server-based geodatabases.

The FDO Providers are built on AutoCAD Map 3D, a product from Autodesk built on AutoCAD with additional capabilities to manage, perform spatial analysis and put engineering designs into geospatial context as well as increase the accuracy of your designs. If you're currently using AutoCAD Map 3D these are available to you through the Autodesk Subscription Center, check it out. Check out my colleague - Lynda Sharkey with this quick preview.

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Warren J. Medernach, GISP said...

This is great Neal!
Any idea when it's going to be ready for 64bit?

Warren M